We will also help you in other areas of law, including:

Labour law in respect of:

  • matters related to the establishment of the existence of an employment relationship,
  • matters related to the reinstatement of employment,
  • matters related to compensation for the unlawful termination of an employment relationship,
  • advice and representation in the case of court disputes
  • legal assistance in establishing or terminating an employment relationship, drafting of labour contracts, contracts of mandate and managerial contracts taking into account confidence clauses and non-competition clauses,
  • advice on the execution of group layoffs,
  • development and implementation of a strategy for the taking over of an establishment together with the workforce,
  • advice on, and preparation of intra-corporate regulations, instructions and orders.

Competition law in respect of:

  • assessment of the compliance of actions taken and planned, both by clients and their competitors, with regards to the regulations prohibiting the conclusion of agreements that restrict competition and the abuse of a dominant market position,
  • we develop and provide advice on the distribution structure and trade contracts, comprehensively taking into account the regulations of competition law,
  • we provide advice on the admissibility of a commercial information exchange between entrepreneurs,
  • we advise entities affected by violations of competition law.

Administrative law in respect of:

  • preparing applications regarding permits and concessions, complaints as well as appeals against the decisions of administrative bodies,
  • representation before local government and government administration bodies,
  • handling cases in court-administrative proceedings,
  • assistance in proceedings before enforcement bodies in administration,
  • legal advice on construction law (building permits, changes in the manner of building use),
  • representation in cases concerning the transformation of perpetual usufruct into ownership.

Compensation in respect of:

  • pursuing claims before the court, related to damage to a vehicle as the result of a collision and understatement of the amount of compensation due,
  • preparing legal opinions and ordering valuations of the damage incurred,
  • handling cases related to compensation for bodily injuries resulting from collisions,
  • pursuing claims related to the so-called non-cash repair of vehicles and rental of courtesy vehicles,
  • negotiations with insurance company representatives and out-of-court dispute resolution.

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