Real estates

and investment construction process

The Law Firm offers comprehensive services in the field of real estate law. We advise on the division of real estates, transformation of farmlands for investment and urban planning purposes, and the obtaining of decisions on land development conditions. We cooperate with notaries, tax consultants, land surveyors and licenced real estate agents.


The services we offer include:

  • assistance to tenants, lessees and property owners in disputes;
  • representation of clients in disputes related to determining betterment levies, zoning fees, and increases in usufruct fees;
  • actions taken in favour of our clients in cases related to the return of expropriated real estate, compensation for damages for expropriated land and enterprises;
  • representation in cases related to the acquisitive prescription of real estate, dissolution of co-ownership and disputable real estate division proceedings;
  • in cases related to the erection of a building on someone else’s land, easements, rights of way, rectification of the contents of entries in land and mortgage registers, legalisation of buildings.

Notwithstanding the above, our lawyers complete orders at various stages of investment in the real estate market, starting from analysis of the legal status of the real estate, with an indication of existing and potential risks, through to advice on the acquisition of the real estate, including the financing of investments, advice on planning and spatial development, legal assistance in the investment process and commercialisation of investments and ongoing advice on the legal aspects of the use of the real estate.


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