and compensation

Our team of experienced lawyers represents clients in their proceedings before courts of all instances and also before public administration bodies.


Our services include:

  • pre-litigation proceedings, including mediation and negotiations,
  • Preparation for a trial, including development of a litigation strategy, with consideration of the legal risks and the business objectives of the client,
  • Legal representation at each stage of a trial or administrative proceedings, including  implementation of the trial strategy, filing of a claim, responding to the statement of a claim, drafting procedural writs, representation at hearings and ongoing reporting on the progress of a dispute.

Our many years of experience include:

  • representation in proceedings before common courts,
  • preparation of cassation appeals and representation before the Superior Court,
  • representation in proceedings before arbitration courts,
  • representation in proceedings before administrative courts,
  • conducting settlement negotiations and mediation
  • representation in litigation regarding the protection of rights under patents, industrial designs, utility models and trademarks.

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